Thursday, July 19, 2012


This was one of my favorite looks. It may not be as fashionable compared to some of my looks or even some of the fashion bloggers, but at least I loved every bit of it:
One determinant that I'm in loved with a certain shoot is first, the photo quality. I'm very strict in tolerance for HD photos so there's a huge pressure for my photographer always. Hahaha!
Sorry Gab! Second, of course the outfit itself including my hair! And I undoubtedly love it when my hair is perfectly curled. Take note of the emphasis. Because to be honest, I am willing to repeat a shoot if my hair isn't cooperating. Sorry for being a stickler.
but hey, that's me. You can have your own standards too.

Pardon me if I have used my lead to introduce my standards. Hahaha! Anyway, don't you just love the scenery? I only took a few shots though but I felt like I'm in Canada with these trees!
Sorry. I'm just overwhelming myself! I admit, I really loved if the Philippines would have miniskirt uniforms like in Japan. But in a lighter view, this was my idea of a schoolchild.
I know I'll look like a cosplayer or I'll be pretty crazy if I'll be really wearing those Japanese uniforms inside Ateneo campus so this was my take - just added lace socks and voila!

Dress: Divisoria
Flats: Solemate


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