Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spleeting Spring

Photos by: Gab Cadena

I know you won't believe it but YES, I'm proud to say I wore this in school. But don't fret, I wore cover cardigans of course.
Pardon me for the late posts because I wore this outfit last month! Sorry for the late use of trends. Anyway, I bet Spring wasn't that
unpleasant as it's used to be even if I'll be posting it like forever, right? For me, florals are statement. I think there is something
in florals that makes it last forever - its scent. Kidding!

I will forever be in love with florals since without them, my style would be nothing and I thank God for them because they bring out the girl in me.
So much for the flowery talk, would you believe that this is another lazy and one of my "unprepared" outfits? There was just these days when I felt like
I'm lucky enough to find a perfect outfit that perfectly matches your footwear as well and the addition of the ruffles were just complementing!
Since I have started to make a statement piece with this look, I think it's better if I'll wrap myself with florals from head to toe, wouldn't that be any prettier?

Dress: Local store
Floral Wedges: Primadonna


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