Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sweet Summer Soiree

Gail of YourLivingMannequin and Lesly of Thriftluster

This is so funny. Haha!

As the saying goes, better late than never would probably best describe this post. As the title said, this was taken last summer and now's July already!
So pardon me for being tardy.

Much away with the apologies, me and some of my co-bloggers were invited at such a sweet event like this at Tea Amo.

I'm no food blogger but I certainly love blogging food! Should I say, Imma shift to another niche? Kidding! It's not because of the thought that I might get fat, but because I think I will not be able to maintain it so I'm sticking to fashion!

To be honest, I am originally not a fan of this
but eversince this started to trend, I tried it and oh, its taste definitely caught my taste buds! And what I love about Tea Amo is their cozy and cute interiors plus their oh-so-yummy menu including the red velvet drink, salted caramel and mint choc cupcake. These three were of the unique and the first (that I know) here in Davao!

So visit Tea Amo and feed your sweet cravings!

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