Sunday, April 22, 2012


Another typical summer school day and this was no different
with my other what-to-wear-the-next-day-dilemma
except for uhm, lemme say, my hair?

Ever since summer classes started, my hair was always down;
No one will ever see me doing my hair up or tied, just my plain and usual hair.
However, this was the first summer class I had my hair braided and tied!
Looks like I'm forced to do it because of my Poccahontas inspired outfit, eh?

My class starts at 1 in the afternoon so I have all the time
to be with my bed the whole entire morning.
But this day, I woke up early for our C2 Photoshoot at Samal.
We went rush beachin' for our entry for C2.
(And oh, can you please help us win by voting our entry?
Click here and search Gabriel Lorenzo Cadena's entry. It would really mean a lot to us!

Another thing/occurence I must share to you.
I know I'm so stupid I left my I.D. on top of the trash bin
after this shoot. I totally forgot I have
an I.D. to get because I'm already down rushing for my next class.

Anyway, watch out for my next outfit posts wearing scarves and necklaces
because my neck is so lonely it has no I.D.

Knit top: from Mom
Gypsy pants: from Mom
Clog wedges: Parisian
Necklace: Bomo
Rings: TLB

You, how's your day?

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