Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring calls

Spring summer trend? Who am I not to ride the bandwagon?
Obviously, this season is indeed out!
However, without any hormones rising, Philippines (my country)
only has the sunny and the rainy season.
Haha so unfortunately, we don't experience what other people
call, Spring.

But hey, that doesn't stop me from pursuing this outfit, don't care
if it's appropriate or not. Haha!
Break some rules though.
For the sake of trends.

I can't remember if this was even my first Spring-inspired
outfit or not (too tired to check my posts though)

Now look, isn't this a lovely place?
Perfect for my outfit!
I'm pretty sure you've already seen some of my
outfit photos with this background.
If you're from Davao, you will never miss this spot at
the peak of Gmall. Haha

So that's up for now.
I was planning to make this a quick post though, until I later noticed that
I have already wrote a lot. Hahaha

Mandatory-no-connection-to-the-title-photo during my Math Class.
(Photos by Gab Cadena)

Clothes: Thrifted
Accessories: TLB
Shoes: Solemate

Stay tuned for more!

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