Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Something Basic

Decided not to wear this. Only incoming freshmen are wearing this, so embarrassing on my part.

Isn't it quirky? Scissors, rock and paper

I don't know if I'll be happy wearing this outfit because
this is sooooo not me.

Can you spot laziness with this outfit? I bet you already did.
If you've been reading some of my tweets about planning
34 outfits for 34 days of summer class, happy that some,
including this, wasn't a part of my list and just a pull through my closet.
See? Laziness helps! :))

Good thing I had a chance to wear my leopard scarf because I've been
saving this for a very long time and I can't easily use it in school thinking
it would only over accessorize my neck because of another thing hanging on:
my school I.D.
But since I lost it yesterday with bittersweet emotions, I grabbed the chance
and wear it! I can have my I.D. sooner or later and I can't dare to keep this scarf again
back to my closet and eventually forgot having one.

As you notice, the absence of this scarf would really make this
outfit dull and boring. Great! My scarf played as an attention grabber! Haha!

Shirt: stole from dad
Leggings: DCLA
Leopard brogues: Wade
Scarf: KCC
Accessories: TLB

So, is my laziness plus the loss of my I.D. works when thinking of a good outfit for school?

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