Thursday, April 26, 2012

That Girl

I got so in love with this piece so I decided to stole it from my mom which I know she barely uses this.

Another Me outfit; another pa-sweet posts on your feeds.
Sorry, this is just me.

I'm used and in love with these kind of outfits.
It really descirbes my style: Sweet, quirky and romantic

My entire dress and sandals were no floral, only my accessories were.
Perfect! It added another sweetness!

You can label my entire outfit as the Secret Garden
(Credits to my garden background) plus my butterfly
salmon colored jelly thongs!

No I'm not a goddess, nor a fairy.
I'm just a plain student that day. Haha!

Cardigan: from Mom
Dress: JS
Jelly thongs: SM Dept
Rings and Bangles: TLB


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