Monday, December 30, 2013

Girl and Grunge

Photos by: Ralz San Pedro

Each one of us have big dream. And we’re working our ass off just to achieve these goals. But for some unexplainable reasons, I dreamed of becoming a personal assistant just at least once in my life.

Am I born of being a slave or what? Nah. I just don’t know.
Being hired as a personal assistant or a production assistant had been in my bucket list before I die.

To those who wanna know, a production assistant is someone who is being commanded in a production team to accomplish tasks. In tagalog, utus-utusan – in the field of Media. In my case, in the backstage.

I’ve been a stage friend since forever and it satisfies me whenever I’m witnessing a successful show or event and me as being part of it (looks like I’m born to be a Masscom at heart). This is the reason why I started a looooong intro in this post because this was what I wore when my friend modelled a fashion show and I volunteered to be her PA. I enjoyed rushing into the backstage busy preparing her, styling her, fixing her clothes and keeping her personal belongings.

By doing so, I must wear a comfortable outfit that will indeed make sure to enable me to freely move because I’ll be very busy big time.
As a fashion blogger, comfort is nothing without style so never forget to still be in style while things get a little chaotic.

Top: Bratt
Skirt: Greenhills
Denim Vest: Handmade
Shoes: Parisian


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