Monday, March 17, 2014

Ideal Boyfriend

As much as I would like to apologize for being MIA lately, I knew you already had my reasons. And I will use the same reasons again: School.

Much away with my pointless reasons, lemme thank you, the one reading this, by patiently and continually checking out my blog despite that I rarely fuel this site.

Should I utilize this blogpost not just as a simple fashion write-up but might as well use this to interpret my thoughts? Should you let me?

This outfit says a lot. I mean, it's far from my usual style yet it bursts out the androgyny in me. I'm no lesbo, I just hoped I pulled off an outfit like this. Did I?

To those who didn't know yet, this is my ideal outfit for my future boyfriend (because I'm single haha). I'm attracted to guys with a good taste of fashion (well in my case, that's very obvious lol) especially if they're wearing the unbeatable combo: khaki pants + denim polo.

I used to like Asian cuties before I don't know what happened but a sudden shift of taste occurred and poof! I'm now attracted to bad guys.No, not literally bad guys.I meant the face and the physical looks.

I like it when a guy is surrounded by mustache, beard or anything that makes a man, a man. I'm not even sure if I'm cray cray or what but loud and proud guys turn me on!

Those were the things that makes a guy attractive for me: "dirty" face, loud personality, sense of fashion and his physique. Yeah, a typical contemporary "bad boy" as I will sum up.

Meanwhile, my standards never and will never be followed. I always fell for the sweetest guy on earth regardless of his physical aspects. You, what's your ideal boyfriend?

Denim top: Thrifted
Khaki pants: Local store
Sneakers: Sanok


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