Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Peek a color

I wanted something decent to post before my birthday so I made it sure I will post my recent favorites and this obviously counts.

I liked how the cut in my maxi dress peeps and adds overall sophistication for the whole look. And of course, to add a little quirkiness and lessen maturity, I paired it with my orange polka collared cropped top that I made over a year ago.

Dress: Thrifted
Cropped top: Handmade

I hoped you like it and I apologize for my short post since I'm too busy for school I can't update often. Many would ask what I do and apparently I would answer only one word: EVENTS

I'll plug another event for this month brought to you by Red Republic Productions:


Witness the glitz and glam of this annual fashion event of Ateneo de Davao University and experience the beauty and talent showcased by Ateneans. If you're from Davao, come and join us this Friday, September 7 at Addu Matina Campus Sports Complex, 7pm.
Wear semi-formal. If you're a non-Atenean, you may need to bring your ID.

This event is a fund raiser for the benefit of Talikala Inc (an organization that helps the retired prostituted women) and San Agustin Elementary school in Samal.
For only Php80, you will not just enjoy the show, but you can also help the women in Talikala and the kids in Samal.

Buy your tickets from me, now!
You can follow Foto Modelo Ateneo 3 on Twitter and Facebook.


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