Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cookie Butter Treat

For most girls like me, hitting the mall entails purchasing a certain apparel or clothing. Hence, this day turned out to be different. I was just picking up a box!

Imagine the enticement and the anxiety flowing through my veins the moment I received an email from the team giving me a treat of their pre-launch product, *drum rolls Cookie Butter.

For those who have a sweet tooth, this would indeed be a weakness.
With a peanut butter ensemble for the first glance, it ironically tastes different. The original glazed doughnut topped with a cookie butter filling in full sweetness level! It's in the boundaries of nutty and buttery at the same time. Talk about being sinful.

Find out what I really mean when you try it by yourself!
To those who have already tried it, com'on! Don't be shy, share to me your experiences too!


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