Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tea Amo Revamped

Gone are those girly and quirky days of Tea Amo and say hello to Tea Amo version 2.0!
Notice the toned down colors from the bright neons and rainbow pastels back then, Tea Amo had indeed gone mature!

Before, guys would usually order and take out whatever food or drink they purchased due to the "shame" they often feel every time they encounter such girly atmosphere. Apparently, most of the time they escape the wrath of girls that might caught them dining on a quirky stop.

Such a huge reason made the Tea Amo team as a turning point to finally decide to allow the store to grow a little older so they can cater all ages in whatever gender.

Our all time favorite Tea shop which originally had a wide array of sweets had also add up their mouthful dishes unto their menu!

What are you waiting for? Come and visit Tea Amo at Tionko St., Davao City
And you can follow them at:
Instagram: @iloveteaamo


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