Saturday, March 09, 2013

Happier Lemon

Originated in Hongkong, Happy Lemon is a famous tea cafe known for its unique and enticing milk tea drinks.

Its owners not just aim to serve the health benefits of milk tea but might as well offer the most refreshing and probably the most innovating ways to create ways through infusion of coffee, tea leaves, cocoa and lemon with the absence of preservatives and other artificial additives.

The franchise was brought to Manila by November 2010 by a group of friends who were graduates of Xavier and Ateneo and one of them was the hottest, Chris Tiu.

Upon observing the long queues and packed stores in China, the team was enticed to realize that Philippines might be ready to appreciate tea-based drinks.

The whole idea of the store is to create a happy ambiance, hence the yellow color, the retro hip design and the cute mascot prominently displayed outside the facade.

I've been a fan of milk teas. But Happy Lemon made it Happier Lemon just because they popularize the most delightful Rock Salt and Cheese series.

Currently, Happy Lemon has only one branch open in Davao and in the next few months, SM Lanang and SM Annex will join the fun.
So, are you guys ready for this?


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