Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Firegirl

Photos by: KJ Villanueva

Forgive me for being so MIA lately. I've been swamped with the fact that my course is getting more and more demanding and selfish. Kidding! I will always love my course despite that it often gets jealous it consumes my whole twenty four hours of breathing!

No I'm not exaggerating though since I'm referring to my never ending sleepless nights for the sake of our community newspaper! It even lemme forget myself that I lack time to cut my bangs, my nails
and my daily ritual: to curl my hair. Yes, I'm giving full description of hell Masscom life here.

Before, I tend to blog every six in the evening. This applies only if you noticed. That's the perfect time where you guys get to rush on your techies to hit the web, don't you? I even write everything I can, save it to drafts and schedule the time it needs to be published.
Now, I'm writing this at three in the morning and I don't care anymore whether anyone's still alive as long
as I knew I've sneaked a time for blogging.

Well anyways, I wish I could update you as prompt as I could.
If I'm not mistaken, this outfit was even worn more than three months ago.
I've owned this jacket for almost ages and finally had the guts to wear this with a perfect match: the pink dress. I tried to be rough on top then suggest femininity on the rest.

I tried to tone down colors by sticking only on one shade
maintaining the warm atmosphere of the outfit.

Dress: JS
Jacket: Thrifted
Sandals: Tonic

See you next Washday!

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