Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring during Winter

No it isn't winter already. So are you saying Imma delete this blog post?
Kidding! This post was taken last December where dark hues should dominate and here I am violating it. *wink

Well there's nothing to worry because to begin with, Philippines never encounters any snow so that makes my florals excused. Isn't it?
Floral pants are indeed a refreshing substitute cutie Sunday dress!

Blaming my fat legs, I declare pants as my bestfriend since it satisfies my greatest desire to look taller giving an illusion of longer and slimmier legs. Thank God the skinny jean trends again in my teenage years that I was always dwarfed by the boot cut and oversized pants!

Luckily my pants perfectly matched my floral wedges too!
Giving a plus for that!

Top: Bazaar
Pants: Trendphile
Wedges: Primadonna
Accessories: Thrifted

See you around next Washday!

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