Friday, December 28, 2012

That lady in red

Photos by: Alani Ramas

Introducing… Cham’s other side.
Yes, I can be hot too.

This was the last Washday of the sem so what does a fashionista do? Well of course, make the most of it.

An average Atenean reader would generally ask: “is corset permissible inside the school premises?”
The answer is clearly seen on my photos. Yes you can, with a blazer of course and added with your long hair enough to cover your breasts.
That’s two tips in a row!

Red always connotes emotions and sensuality hence being sexy why waste the color’s purpose when you can actually pull off an extra hot outfit… Just for school!

Everything: Thrifted
Except Pants: Levi’s

Com’on! Don’t be shy to show your other side!
See you around next Washday!

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