Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Devastated Angel

My friends (YOUHAVEABABY = our stupid name) From L-R: Mike, Ralz, kuya Janjo and Mors

Kuya Janj and Mors

Getting crazy with Ralz and Mike

I smiled like a gay here with Kenneth Moran

From L-R: Paola, Paula, Joyce and kuya Janjo

Hello Mario Maurer! :)

Paola and Meki

Kenneth Moran :)

It had been two months since this event happened and I felt so guilty for having too many backlogs that I post a certain blogpost over a month late. Anyway, blame this subject (Journalism) for consuming most of my time so we surely looked forward this night given that it marked the end of it… Kidding! We’re taking up Advanced Journalism this semester, our last despair. Haha

Counting this as one of the most demanding subjects (gathering news from the police station, attending presscons and most probably, writing a lot), pressure is indeed present given that we have to chase deadlines. Well, the perk was having your article and name published on a newspaper when you do well and fortunately, my Kadayawan photo was published last September 2012 issue.

This night discovers the potential ones and I am lucky enough to be nominated as one of the Best Feature Writers. Even though I never bag any award, being part of the list was already enough.

We organized the event, divided by committees and came up with a Monochromatic theme (Well, obviously no colors were present except my hair. Lol). Considering this as a formal event, a fashion blogger like me would always aspire to stand out like overthinking something to wear, perhaps? Well in my case I used to make my own clothes for these kind of events soooo, what do you expect? Yes. I made my outfit.

With only the two colors given, I tried so hard to be different by expecting most of the guests would be in black so I ended up choosing the color white, went away for being fierce for a while and squeezed a few extracts of being an angel/ goddess feel once in a while. I mean, a sexy angel of course! Haha!

This proves the fashion statement: It’s all in the details!
True that! Agree?

And oh, say hello to my friends especially the YOUHAVEABABY people (pardon our stupid name)

Dress: Handsewn
Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell
Earrings: Loved Diva

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  1. Great job for your dress! I'm loving it..


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