Monday, December 31, 2012

2012's best

With Thea at my bestfriend's debut

Sang at my bestfriend's debut

Buhawi girls at Kitel's 18th (From L-R: Alani, Kitel, Camille, Feliz, Kat and Jen beside me)

 PE 4 rehearsals with my partner, Gene

 With Vikki and Sahar during Farrah's debut

 PE 4 dancemates (boogie)

 Girls <3

 With ate Donna during Marketing Expo

 Thea's debut

 From L-R: Jofelle, Vicelle, Aldine, Bubi, Cyrine

Summer Photo Fun Day photoshoot

 Beachin' with Gab


 Tea Amo Sweet Summer Soiree with Lesly

 Beach with ze Buhawi girls


Tea Amo dinner with Alani

 Safari inspired Humanities Orientation day

Overtime and overnight all for TV Prod


Humanities Sportsfest with (From L-R: Avon, Rals and Marnie)

with Alprincess

Success for our TV Prod talkshow!

Jessa's birthday

Councilor Bello's wedding ushers and usherettes


Sayawtenista rehearsals


Meki, Al and Rals' 19th

With Joyce and Paola

Birthday girls

 endless Mcdo moments with Ralston, my twin/ photographer

and with Kenneth Moran


Birthday surprise with Pam

Birthday dinner with YOUHAVEABABY

House party birthday


Overnight and overtime for radio prod

Dance production for our Variety show

hosting (variety show)

Modeling (variety show)

YOUHAVEABABY finally complete during Variety show


With Farrah during Forever 21 Launching

From L-R: Janvie, Lance and Karl during Tokyo Tokyo event

And with the lovely, Cheyser Pedregosa

Foto Modelo Ateneo season 2 with Joyce

Mike and kuya Janj


bangs galore! (From L-R: Al, Paola, Rals, Joyce, Meki)

with Al

ghostly with YOUHAVEABABY

 Relief from stress

Often mistaken as twins

Mario Maurer haha

with Kenneth Moran

with kuya Janj

we're crazy!

YOUHAVEABABY complete again during Gawad Pluma Awards Night

twin and pucca (me) because I went black last October!


Little ones Michiko and Janica

Goofing around while our friends are hosting with Paola and KJ


Because Prod class is too boring, Instagram! With Mahatter

 Josh, KJ and Mike during CMAD

with Mariel

After our immersion with the lumads for our Prod docu (From L-R: KC, Mariel, Ebang and Brgy Captain)

 With my fashion twin during Whatever party (slumber part)

I guess you don't even wonder why it's black and white because earnestly, these photos should be left behind in 2012 and let’s make new colored ones for 2013! Agree?

This day (hours and minutes left) marks the closing stages of the affluent year. Despite the drama of the doomsday scare though HAHA

Unlike most fashion bloggers, I don’t have much to say about the events for the reason that I’m more focused on the events in my life that my readers didn’t much knew about and that’s my life behind blogging, school. Notice how I clearly post photos about school stuff and now you know where and how my time was mostly consumed. These photos didn’t even make a half of the photos I’ve took this year hence, these were the highlights.

I’ve loved, trusted, gained friends, lose some; in the end, I know I’m still blessed.

With the absence of these people, these photos wouldn’t be uploaded. And of course why should I ever forget my readers who have bestowed a fraction of their time just to read my blog and never failed to put me as a part of their hearts as well. I am beyond overwhelmed and grateful enough to have you!

Come and join me! Let’s multiply photos together in 2013!
Let’s all welcome the year with open arms and cross fingers that it will be greater than 2012.
Cheers for the upcoming year everyone!


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