Monday, December 17, 2012

Nothing beats Human Nature

I was invited last Human Nature's Magalogue Turnover (MTO) though I was not a dealer, but a blogger instead. Talk about perks *laughs

Nowadays when so-called "natural" products are already 
emerging in the market, however the government does not put any action in monitoring these products. This makes it very hard for common costumers to distinguish whether the product is genuinely natural or chemically made appearing to have only a few extracts thrown in. Most specifically that this country acquires manufacturers (well of course, not all of them) that frequently do not list their used chemical ingredient on their labels if they don’t wanna let you know!

Sounds scary, eh?
Doncha worry because Human Nature guarantees everyone that their products are genuine by placing a natural seal on their labels which means that their products are biodegradable.

Just a short story, a funny incident occurred before I came over the place: I was lost! HAHAHA so I just got a few bits of info about this. Peace!

Anyway, thank you Human Nature for the Hair Serum! Will be posting my review about that product in my next posts. Stay tuned!


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