Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chill like a child

Count this as one of the days that I had “no effort” for my outfit. And when I say no effort, I meant the rush upon deciding for it.

You know you’re a Masscom student when your 11pm curfew is frequently violated, sleeping sched is habitually fucked up, your social life is occasionally deprived, your funds are eventually dying, your blog is often unavoidably forgotten and your life is getting worse and miserable.

For once I wanna scream like I’ve never screamed before and live like I’ve never ever lived. I wanted to push my life to its limits, I just wish I can.

Enough before I end up treating this as a reaction paper, unto my outfit. Well come to think of it, sometimes I can no longer think of a decent and well prepared outfit due to busy head. Haha

Today was our Humanities day with the kiddie theme. I and my two friends decided to dress up as Powerpuff Girls but unfortunately, we lack costumes. So I treated this day as one of my ordinary washdays instead. Coincidentally, I managed to pull off something wearable for the said event, talk about good fashion vibes ;)

By the way, I’m selling this skirt for only a hundred so go and comment and it can be yours right away!

Turtleneck top: Genevieve Gozum
Skirt: From Boutique (Selling it!)
Shoes: Solemate

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See you around next Washday!

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