Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pre-Christmas sale at Bauhaus

I've been eyeing their wallets every time I visit their store.

I truly do.

What do you think?

(From L-R) Janvie, me and Chamee

No day can be as perfect as to celebrate the first washday of the sem by shopping!

Last washday or Wednesday, I was one of the lucky fashion bloggers in Davao who have been selected by the Brand itself for a sponsored shopping spree!

The international multi-brand store, Bauhaus originated in Hongkong and now brought in the Philippines. The store had a wide array of brands just like Salad (my personal fave), Jeansmith tough, Cheapmonday, La Creme, Superdry, Twistedmind and 80/20 all for men and women.

Bauhaus not just gave me the opportunity but also encouraged me to get out of my usual girly style and makes me wanna try rocking pieces too.
I bet I've already convinced you by photos but if you still aren't, why not visit the store this November 12-19 wherein you can fully witness loads of discount for yourself!

The entire mall will be having a sale too!
Check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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