Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Davao food at its finest at Bistro Selera

Bacon wrapped bagaybay

Michael's madness gin with orange

I'm no alcoholic so I requested an iced tea just for myself. Lol such a kiddo

Strawberry mint tea - less alcoholic than the Michael's madness

This is for the raw-food eaters like me

Before I reveal the secret ingredient of this soup, one must try it first!
Clue: Most people hate this but will seldom taste this while eating.

My favorite! The beef roullade with pasta.

Mouth watering, eh?

Traditionally made mangosteen flavored ice cream

with biko! Believe it or not, they were just a perfect combo!

Light and airy mangosteen mousse

Bistro Selera is a traditional Filipino bistro. Modern but not intimidating, this is the goal of the team behind Bistro Selera.

As you observe, most of their ingredients were really "Davao-ish" since they wanted a trademark that the food they serve was subject to make Davao food stand out not just in the country but also internationally.

Clearly, this is a Mindanao inspired resto with a touch of a avant-garde vibe inspired by the huge Mandaya painting inside. (Too bad I lack a photo of it)
The hands behind the kitchen of Bistro Selera carefully chose ingredients that will not just satisfy your taste buds but thoroughly study on their textures as well.

Despite that I'm youngest in the group, I was glad that I was able to appreciate the food but apparently, I'm not a dish lover.

Thank you Bistro Selera for the treat!
Indeed, tasting eighteen dishes in a row was never a joke!
Even drowning in appetizers is already a thumbs up.


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