Saturday, November 03, 2012

Grungy doll

Everyone is permitted to have the impression that he's my boyfriend because I will definitely agree! I mean, in the most bizarre sense *wink

No wonder he's the most brilliant photog, bestfriend, brother, sister, husband, wife, sleepovermate, classmate and fashion twin I will ever cherish.
Introducing, Mr. Ralston San Pedro, the one that doesn't lemme know his blog url. Haha
Sorry twin, but I guess the focus on the photos was always meant for me. What did you do? Haha

Much away with the introductions, unto my outfit.
I wanna celebrate being "me" during the last washday of being 18. Lol
and I turned 19 last September 6 and this only proves that this blogpost was almost two months late! Pardon.

I tried to get away with my fashion adventure for once and went back to being "Cham" again and that being me never forget to embody ribbon, pink, laces or anything girly and doll-ish. For the first time in school I wore this dress I bought from one of my favorite clothing brand, Genevieve Gozum. This dress was indeed reserved for special days like this! Clap clap.

To create contrary and tension, I topped it off by wearing my grungy denim vest with my metal necklace. Those additional pieces indeed made my whole look surprising and with a twist. What do you think?

Dress: Genevieve Gozum
Leopard Oxfords: Wade
Metal Necklace: TLB
Vest: DIY

See you around on the first day of school!

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