Friday, October 26, 2012


Photos by: Ralz San Pedro

Masterpiece plus masterpiece; two powers combined, one legit phenomenon.
Another itchy hands of mine enabled me to make a jungle-inspired dress with Ralz San Pedro's magic hands in manipulating the camera. The result?
Great outfit and great photos, everything went perfect.

Pardon me for being having a wordy introduction and I bet I've already left you guys puzzled with what I'm talking about. This was not what you guys think. It's not even an awards night, nor a ball to really pull out a decent outfit to begin with. Would anyone expect that this was just an ordinary orientation program inside the school?

In order to be considered stylish, one is required to dress up appropriately and don't scold me for not dressing up properly because I just did. Annually, Ateneo de Davao is having an orientation program in every division they belong and in each division, it is highly encourage to put up a theme to make it sound more fun.

Luckily this year, our Humanities representative/ my close friend had the guts to pursue a Zoofari inspired program backed up by her very own division.
As blogger, of course I would definitely aspire to be the best but in a decent way. I never wished to look like a real animal of course.

Nowadays when leopard prints were just too mainstream, I decided to think of an animal that no one will ever think of wearing and my choice was peacock.
Did I achieve it?

Fortunately, I found a fabric containing an intricate peacock design on it and make it as my base color. I want to add some silhouette so I chose the color nude for my heels and my gown which also best matches my base color.
In addition, the accents and my accessories served as color pop in my whole entire outfit.

Gown: Handsewn
Heels: Parisian
Earrings: TLB
Necklace: Quia

I hope you guys enjoy!

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Just a little trivia:
Did you know that the bottom part of the gown was made of fake petals? :)

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