Monday, October 22, 2012


Photos by: Ralz San Pedro

Why always search for reasons to dress up when you can do it everyday you wanted? But this time, it's something special. Who would not style get stylish when the birthday celebrant would be Ralston San Pedro?

To everyone who had no idea about this person yet, he is my fashion twin and one day, you'll gonna see his blog like mine. Watch out for that!

Anyway, unto my outfit. Everyone knew I'm always dressing up like a doll. However as this blog says, I can prove to you that I can really do everything!
Trying to pull up a bohemian outfit maybe hard, but at least I've experimenting.

And this is how I perceived Boho, free and comfortable styling.
It seems like I'm heading to the beach, eh?

Top: Thrifted
Maxi skirt: Handsewn
Flats: Jessica
Fringe necklace: SM Accessories
Feather earrings: TLB


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