Saturday, May 05, 2012

Wild commander

Coz I look pale

Photos by: Gab Cadena

A lot of you asked which outfit I am referring to in this post.
Yes, this was the wear-it-again-outfit I am talking about.
It really made me conscious about
the quality of these photos since I've been contemplating
this look for the longest time already so it
really mattered to me to make it as HD as possible. CHOS

I bet you've already noticed the two sets
having two different light effects.

A loud outfit indeed, I know it's not the usual Cham.
But hey, you can't stop me from trying out something new.
As I see this, it was inspired from a commander
or a captain as the red blazer and animal prints that added wildness.
However, the lace shorts contradicted and added it's drama too,
being dainty, being me.

Tank top: GAP
Blazer: KCC
Lace shorts: Gmall
Wedge: Shoebox + DIY
Collar necklace: Gmall


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