Thursday, May 03, 2012

Bright Side

Photos by: Gab Cadena

I suppose most of you (if not all) hates dislikes baggy outfits, and so do I.
But this was an exception. To be honest, I never liked this outfit too.
I was presuming your next question was:
"So why on earth would you wear this despite your personal contradiction?"

I know, I lose my rationality.
We had failed an outfit shoot because of lighting quandaries
that forced us to shoot it again.
It was no one's fault, even the sun was no one to be blamed
because of hiding too early.

Sooo, I decided to wear a larger and looser outfit
that will be great to hid my other outfit inside.
So basically, I never cared about my outer wear, just "for the sake"
of having it worn with something inside it.

Not until I uploaded this set on my Chictopia!
To think that this was just a "for the sake" and effortless outfit,
it really flabbergasted me how this turned out as my highest voted
outfit so far! Comments were astounding too, I really never
expected that people would love it.
Btw, thank you my Chictopia readers!

Great how the color combination as well as the prints were
meant for each other astonishingly.
I just can't believe that out from a lazy and bahala-na-outfit
turned out perfect and liked by anyone else!
Plus, this outfit is so ME again!

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Shopaholic
Shoes: Solemate
Accessories: TLB

Whew! Wordy post, eh?
Sorry if I bore you! I just can't contain my
excitement and gratitude with you guys!
Thank you for inspiring me too!

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