Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Salmon Sultry

Photos by: Gab Cadena

I bought this top from Bora a couple of years ago and finally
I was able to wore this in school despite our annoying dress code!
The summer heat makes my body (as well as my styling)
lazier and lazier each day.
It's like I just wanna wear something really comfy all day!
So when I saw this crochet cover up in my closet, I quickly grabbed
it without second thoughts despite the possibility
that I may not enter the school premises.
But hey, I made some ways, I wore a top
inside of course. (instead of bikini. lol)
I had a hard time choosing what top to use I even
changed almost times just to get the right
the perfect tank top inside this.
Good thing I have this sheer tank top from Folded & Hung that pairs its colors with my cover up too! They seemed like a meant to be duo.
To be extra comfy, I wore my overused Jessica
jelly thongs which also happened to be Salmon in
color, just like my clothes. I added this bib necklace from Tomliz but this time, Salmon pink's burden was over so I chose gold to tone down.

Tank top: Folded & Hung
Crochet cover up: from Bora
Jelly thongs: Jessica
Bib necklace: TLB

What do you think?

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