Thursday, May 10, 2012

Choco Mint

Photos by: Gab Cadena

This is just a quick post on what I wore during the Summer Photo Fun Day held last April 25.
Happy that I finally met in person some of Davao bloggers
especially fashion enthusiasts.

The day was scorching hot and you can't blame me wearing this for I never expect
that the sun will be showing off that hard. And besides,
this is not what I wore at the shoot itself! Haha

To tell you honestly, this was the first outfit I've ever thought
when planning for my 34-day summer class outfits.
I just bought these wedges from Primadonna (originally white in color)
and repainted it in Teal because of crushin' over that already
sold out teal floral wedges at So! Fab
Indeed, Cham can do everything.
Disclaimer: This is an overstatement. Haha
So when I saw these floral wedges at Primadonna, I checked the fabric
and confirmed that it's paint friendly.

As you noticed, I've been abusing my cardigans and use it as tops instead.
Why? To double its purpose. In addition, it looks cute too!

Now isn't my look seems flavorful?
Mint and chocolate was its inspiration,
just right for summer: the pastels and the florals. So breezy!

Cardigan: KCC
Trousers: Davcon Bazaar
Floral Wedges: Primadonna


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