Sunday, May 20, 2012

Take risks. Tell stories.

Photos by: Gab Cadena

I was inspired by this tumblr quote I've read a couple of years ago so I decided to put on my shirt for some purposes. Haha!
Anyway, lassitude struck me again and made me wore as simple as this.
I think it's the quote that only stands out and being not the usual me, tough and masculine.
I handpainted this shirt over a year ago out of an obsession over a quote,
put up indie pieces and I'm off to school.

 This shirt is also an inspiration why my blog still exists. It kept reminding me to define bravery over cowardice.
In the end, experience still matters over outcome.

Shirt: Handpainted
Pants: Bench
Oxfords: thrifted
Eyewear: Rayban

Continue to take risks and make stories!

P.S If you want a shirt like this, (handpainted, dyed) PM me. I'll be much willing to reproduce and resell.

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