Thursday, May 24, 2012

Junior High

Photos by: Gab Cadena

If you're my classmate or schoolmate from highschool, you'd probably saw this 
already, I mean, you'd already know the story behind this. Lol

Highschool as we all know, was all about annual celebrations such as
Linggo ng Wika (A month long celebration in in commemoration of the Filipino language introduction) and as expected, everyone's required to wear something ancient filipino e.g Filipiniana, tribal, etc.
Along with my abhorrence for clothes like these, or should I say, I was really not in the mood to wear those kind of itchy and tacky gowns and costumes.
I found an alternative instead of wearing those.
I jived into the seventies instead.
In lieu of wearing something very antiquated, I preferred to mix up
traditional touch with avant-garde vibes so I ended up choosing Retro without second thoughts.

Back then, it was really hard to find something in stores that matched my chosen peg. I decided to make my own dress out of desperation.
I bought polka fabric, ripped out a ribbon from my old headband, buttons
and voila! Can't you believe I was able to made this in a matter of a night only? Those uneven hems and stitches only showed how hard for me stitching before but by continuous practice and perseverance, glad that I am able to control my stitches now.

Today, I decided to wore my Green ribbon flats and couldn't decide what to pair with it until I saw this old dress I made before. First sewing moments flashed in my mind nostalgically so I couldn't help but to share it with you.
I feel like a junior high again with this, except that it's a little smaller to me now. Thank God for creating desperation, without it, this dress wouldn't be done and this blog wouldn't be possible.

Dress: Handsewn
Flats: Solemate

I really hoped you like my dress as much as I do.
If Cham can do everything, then why can't you?

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