Thursday, January 19, 2012


Finally after almost a year, ten months to be exact. Oh sorry, not exact. Nah, you get the drill.
Okay, personally, I think the origins of our story are a bit overplayed. But we don’t even go back to the beginning anymore, so never mind, you can forget about what I just typed right here. Heck, I don’t even know why I typed this. ANYWAYS.

There was this guy (Mean and Arrogant. Hahahaha peace!) who was my close friend's bestfriend
(it may sound boring right? Yes, there's more. Hahahaha! Atik lungs!)
who was also my classmate in PE 1 when I was still in first year, first semester 
and Eng13 first year, second semester. Yes, we were in two the same classes in a year even though we don't share
the same course. He's taking up BS Industrial Engineering and I am a Masscom student.
A lot of people have been very curious on how did we ever started.
So here, even though we've been classmates in PE, we didn't get a chance to talk to each other since, like I said, we don't share the same course and so we found it awkward. She even had a girlfriend that time. But hey, there is one practicum I remembered
when we were asked to grade our classmates according to their capacity of that certain exercise and oh, fate. His paper fall unto mine. And that's the only time we talked during first semester.

We even hardly talk during Eng13. Why? I really hate him!
He's so mean! He always pisses me off and I find him annoying since we're not that close yet and I think he has no right to insult me. Oh well, boys are boys. There was even a time that I don't have the guts to enter English anymore thinking I will be seeing his face again. Until January 18, when he first called me in the phone and asked me where I am. It was lunch when I was in my dorm already when he called.
Him: Asa ka?
Me: Dorm. Why?
Him: Ngano man ka ni uli?
Me: Magkaon man ko.
Him: Nagsabay na lang unta ka sa amu a diri sa Mall.
(He asked me where I am, I told him I was at my dorm and he asked me why shouldn't I join them for lunch)

I was soooooooo shocked by that very moment. He was so feeling close! -my initial reaction.
I was even thinking of his intentions and plans of insulting me again.
Finally it was my friends Solon and Mich's birthday, January 31 when they've invited me to a lunch including Gab and other friends.
That was the very first day we felt comfortable, no awkward moments, laughing, giggling and chatting as if we were already close friends.

Valentines came and he failed to spend it with his girlfriend and he was with Mich. Coincidentally, I was with Mich before they should meet in the Mall so no choice, I go with her and the three of us spent the valentines at KFC Gmall.
It was March when we really started to be really close. It was the night before I went to Samal for our Psychology subject activity when he, Mich and other friends invited to visit our friend Chiggy in his house. I was using Smart phone before but starting that night, they convinced me to use Sun Cellular instead to enable me to contact them.
The next day was my trip to Samal, and also the same day when he and his girlfriend broke up.
Complications happened and confidential reasons are just be concealed for some people's reputation and privacy so Imma cut and skip some parts of my story. It was March 18 when he confessed that I was his crush. Naks! (I was asking him over weeks to share about her crush not knowing it was only me.) I can't even believe it. I even asked him if he's just drunk or what. Haha!

Romance bloomed during summer, a time when we were not together, where only text, phone calls and chat are the only means of communication. Hence, it helped us grew to each other's feelings. I NEVER expected this to happen.
My hatest guy on earth will now be my first ever boyfriend? YES, It's incredibly possible!

So you see how significant the date was? My favorite number is nine (Tagalog: Siyam = Cham) and he loves number eight.
I told him I need to be eighteen first before having a boyfriend and that was September.
But it's hard, since there was October (sembreak) and December (Christmas break) to pass. So the nearest month is January.
So here it is, we're OFFICIAL.

He gave me a penguin stuff toy and we went to Abreeza for dinner and there was his ex beside us while walking.
Spell A-W-K-W-A-R-D

Hello birthday girl! Ekai Paica

His gift inside the locker ;)

Our couple bracelet I gave him.

@ Abreeza waiting for our dinner

Unlimited Maki!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Accidentally blurred the photo.

Our phones; his gift

There were epic awesome moments, and there were epic failure moments.
More likely and more apparently, our life is EPIC.
Our friendship is EPIC.
And our lovestory is EPIC.

I love you so much Gabriel Lorenzo Famador Cadena <3



  1. YUDIIII INAMIN NA NGA!!!!:))) haha I'M so HAPPY SA IMO tee.yam!!;) GOODLUCK and Godbless;)


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