Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bestfriend turns legal

For more than four years of being together, there were boys and epic heartbreaks,
pre-graduation jitters, post-graduation life bombs and a sudden fear of the future.
Horrible college proffessors and new dreams.
The realer life got, the harder our roots clung on to all that we knew to be constant.
All I can say is, I hope this year, she will learn to be even braver.
And though the climb is far from over, I just want her to know how impressed I am by her courage. 
I know that we are slowly running out of time. There is that looming inevitability of things changing greatly.
The possibility of you living abroad. Or me getting married.
Who knows? Maybe the latter will precede the former? And so my greatest hope,
while you are still here and while I am still single, is that
we will not cease to go on adventures — even if  our definition of adventures is lazy afternoons :)
I am so grateful to have Jofelle as a friend.
In another life we probably would have been soulmates but this time around we are lucky enough to be best friends.
Spending time together is as easy as breathing. We have been known on the not-so-odd occasion to spend entire days together and think nothing of it. 
Tonight is her most special night and mine as well.
Of all the debuts I have attended, I can say that here, I really exerted effort from my outfit
to my surprise number and lastly, my personalized gift.
*I had a hard time managing the light, so sorry if it's not that good.

And before this could stretch on and on and on,
until the world gets sick of us both, let me end with two things:
First is to let you know that there is more to tell you in person than here.
Second is I will love you always, I mean ALL WAYS. Happy birthday again!

the venue

Gemma's gift, since my bestfriend was a die hard singer. Hahahahaha!

Me and Gemma

Me talking to my bestfriend's mom, asking if they were more guests to come. 

Me and Thea

And here comes the princess of the night, my bestfriend. Meet Jofelle.

We were so chismosa. Hahaha!

Caught in the act getting nervous :)))))

Reading my not-so-prepared speech

As the last one to talk, I have to light up the mother candle

This song is for you...

Me and my own escort! Hahaha!


High school friends: Thea, Jofelle and Me

Who could ever live alone anyway?
We always seek someone to be with us not only through jeopardy times but melancholic times as well.
I supposed everyone of us has a bestfriend, or a girlfriend/boyfriend or a group of friends of some sort.
Anyhow, everyone needs a shoulder to lean on and a smile that laughs with us through glee times.
For me, I have my bestfriend with me, Jofelle.
Call me crazy but I never failed to call her name while I'm crying when I'm sad or even desperate. 

One who satisfies me and feeds me with unconditional love.
In return, I did this for her. It's not a thing I always do every day so I find it special
to really exert some effort.

You, in your part, what can you do to make your bestfriend's birthday EXTRA special?


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