Thursday, January 19, 2012

Maxi Candy

This is one of the most special Washdays I ever had. I often exert effort every Wednesday but this time,
say it. I've done EXTRA effort. Or gahot in bisaya. Wanna ask me why? We'll it's my planned date to be finally double.
(Not single! Hahaha I hope you get it!)

I have planned this day way back months ago and decided to wear
skirt or dress but I don't have something in mind on what pieces to wear yet
until I finally decided to try color blocking!
My peg was to look something fresh, sweet, young and free, colorful and vibrant
and using candy and neon colors will indeed willing to cooperate.

Gab tries to achieve the cloud shot and forget about me

I can't really believe my classmates saying I looked like Cheyser Pedregosa when I got my back turned

Peter Pan collared tops adds to the preppiness and the sweetness of the outfit.

How I wish I could achieve this kind of curls everyday without exerting any effort. 

Like others, I don't wear heels all day!

Peter Pan collared top: 168 Mall Divisoria
Maxi Skirt: Handsewn
Jelly thongs: SM Dept. Store
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell Replica
Bag: Cose
Bangles: Tomliz
Ring: Tomliz

Hope everyone stays fresh and young as possible!


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