Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Golden girl on combless nights

What a fun-filled day with my second family (Naks!), the Cadena family.
Family day, as what everyone's calling it.
But hey, me and his brothers' girlfriends were already a part of the family!
And with that, I can sometimes join them wherever they go.

He's no Chinese but his family decided to celebrate it at Northcrest.
Unfortunately, the place was called due to the holiday
and we went straight to Jack's Ridge instead.

For my non-Davao readers, here's Jack's Ridge, a hilltop resto and grill located at Shrine. It's best to go at night where city lights and nightscapes are at its best.

The background seemed like a painting but no! It's a real sky!

Combing, a verb I really forgot that day.

with his family

my <3


Visit Davao soon!

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