Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sunday on a Wednesday

Dainty but free -the most appropriate words to be used for this outfit.
Perhaps a lot got a huge curiosity about my Oxymoron title.
Now lemme ask you a question, isn't my outfit ironic since it's a little
Sunday-ish while I'm wearing it on a Wednesday?
Yes, that's exactly my point!

In the Philippines, (I don't know with other countries) there was
this so-called Sunday dresses where every girl should
be as dainty as they can be, conservative yet quirky for a Sunday mass of course.

trying to beat the top score in Fruit Ninja :)

That's also the reason why I added smiles and jumps for this set, demure yet free.

Sheer floral top: from Palawan
Green Polka skirt: Shopaholic
Jelly thongs: SM Dept.Store

Stay free!

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