Sunday, January 29, 2012

I got that star from Bohemia

Hot Sunday afternoon plus really playful outfit.
I found this old skirt and paired it 
with my cropped top, with a star on it.

Playful, as the most suitable word for this day.
From my deviating outfit to the hard times experimenting the light.

I was in a rush for a Sunday afternoon date that
I really don't know if the pieces would fit with each other.
Turns out, it went well. For God's sake.

If you look closely, this is something casual looking
but accessories have the power to definitely change
the entire outfit. I also bought another pair of flats that day so there,
I had two pairs of shoes in a single post. Teehee

My outfit can prove it right. From casual to boho

More like a painting isn't it?
I was completely uh-maaaaaaaaaaaazed with how these two
shots resulted from a very hot Sunday afternoon (3pm).
We managed the heat and voila! Got this painting-ish effects!
(We promised to try this again next time.
Get over with our usual 10am shoots and try experimenting this effect.
If you also wanna do this, be sure to find a spot where the sunlight does not
directly hits you, just your background :) Goodluck!)

My supeeeeeeerrr comfy flats from Solemale!
Gab even keeps on laughing at me while I can't resist on
jumping, running and dancing with my new flats! LOL

Top: Flipfold
Skirt: Thrifted
Gray oxfords: Bankerohan
Floral flats: Solemate
Dreamcatcher earrings: Broadway Gems

Be playful!

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