Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting laid back

This is an outfit request from my friend, Ekai Paica whom inspired me
to pursue this. She informed me that wearing pumps plus folded pants is really 
appealing for her. So here I am, dreaming of having her wish come true. {anu daw?}

Anyway, here it is. I just matched up some of my thrifted clothes and 
unconsciously fell on the same shade all at once.

Did you notice the unstabled color of the envelop clutch?
Sorry it was plain props! HAHAHA! We DIYed it by using 
G's emachines laptop case available at Digital Interface plus masking tape. 
Yes, we're that insane since I have nothing to pair with these
and thinking that by using this will be a good idea.
 I dont know how do you see it but for me, it was something
 funny and informal doing it. LOL

Did you notice the holes?

So since my outfit was nearly on the same shade, i balanced it by using colorful bangles and choker

This place boring outfit won't shout without these lovely pair of leopard pumps.

So there it was, a plain boring outfit and shade spiced up with
a number of accessories and a screaming leopard pumps for a daywear outfit

*products worn are all thrifted

Hope you'll like it as much as my friend did!


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