Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pastels & Flux

Forgive me for another post of pastel and pink outfit since 
I'm really in love with the softness of this shade.
 However, I mixed a little chocolate on it to 
remove the boredom of the palette.

 Hihihi Just ignore my stupid light test pose

I paired up with this trendy chocolate (the way I see its color) high waist
 loose pants to add the "being laid back" of the outfit plus jelly thongs 

and doncha ever forget to spice 'em up with ensembles!
In my case, I wore a  feather necklace to make it a litlle boho

this huge square ring I got from a bazaar was just right,
not just for the color combo of this outfit but as well as its concept.

Polo & Pants: Davcon Bazaar
Jelly Thongs: SM Department Store
Feather Necklace: Tomliz
Accessories: Thrifted

Hope you'll find this interesting!

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