Friday, September 02, 2016

La Vie

Photos by: Kristine Villano

Time lapse is real when this was taken years ago. Back when I was pounds heavier hahaha

Readers from Cebu, I'm fully aware this place is sooo familiar to you.

Millenials like who's always in search for good food plus great ambiance will always be in awe for this place, but for La Vie Parisienne, it's a no brainer.

Friends who never leaves Cebu unless they have visited this place left me curious and added unto my go-to list when I visited Cebu for Sinulog 2014 with my granny.

It was a sole plan, mainly to join for the city's festivities with my squad. But since it was my granny's birthday on January, I decided to book a flight with a week earlier before the festival so I could maximize my time splurging her on her birthday and this had came to be one.

Thank you La Vie Parisienne for the great food (and instagram/blogworthy place)


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