Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Photos by: Joy Gamboa

Someone seemed to miss the long hair in her (and the fat ass inside)
that made her run through her draft posts and poof, I still have one remaining throwback.

Yeah, clearly this was taken over a year ago I guess and I am currently cleaning up my posts before I am about to start over anew. Yes you heard it right, this blog will be revamped with everything new, from the freshest posts (drafted some Manila series related blog posts), fiercest looks (far from these recent outfit posts) to the craziest ideas you could ever think of me. 

Anyway, unto the outfit. Out of the blue, I decided to make myself a crop top, which I think I saw something online and I found it very expensive so I sew it anyway. Lol matching it with denim jeans makes my look tougher with gold and aqua accessories.

Handsewn top
Thrifted jeans
from mom bag
Accessorize necklace
Natasha sandals


A man needs more than just tips to reach his suit style goals #men #style #fashion #instagram

We all have celebrity crushes. But do you know whether your and your favorite celeb's personalities match? #celebrities #dating #personality 

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