Monday, January 11, 2016

Running Errands

Photos by: Loisa Batac

Hi sorry guys for being MIA since September! Ghad can't believe I wasn't blogging for months! I've been busy working all day, all night plus I was studying Fashion Styling in SoFA then. But I'm pretty much done anyway *wink

I also had photographer problems since I moved here in Manila because I don't have someone with me to take my photos and help me keep this blog running. So whoever wants to collab with me just hit me up anytime! :) Anyway, I'd like to post my backlogs while I'm currently preparing my "comeback" posts hahaha

Hurrah for a lazy day! No.
Com'on it's another lazy outfit pull-anything-you-can type of outfit and this time coz I'm rushing for an errand day. 

I can't decide of anything to wear so I hit the basics.
Perfect for comfort and nothing to overdo!

Kamiseta tank top
Thrifted boyfriend jeans
Thrifted sandals


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