Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tokyo, JaFUN-ventures

As promised anticipated, here is what everyone's been waiting for.
No more words, Japan is breathless.
Enjoy a virtual tour through photos that I rummaged from my DSLR to my iphone photos plus grabbed photos from friends! So please bear with the different photo qualities.

Obligatory candid slash tourist shot

Meet Dani and Raph, two of my best buds during the trip.
So this is a semi caution coz the next succeeding photos will be bombarded by their faces! Lol

I observed that most of their establishments have hangers. What for? For their trench coats and suits ;)

Meet the Team Escape Route: Hubert, Rap, Dani and me!

And of course my first photo with the "Squammies" (Rap coined this term that means squaters or poor) my clingy buds everywhere I go. And mind you, we are from different schools/ regions and we are still so clingy!
From L-R: Me, Rap, Pat, Van and Dani


Hokkaido group

I forgot the term in Japanese so I coined it the "holy smoke" where Japanese myth believes this smoke can enhance any part of your body depending where you apply it.

This is by far my most OJ moment in Japan seeing my bestie giggling this overly served ice cream! I literally laugh for more than 5 minutes or so because of this.


One thing I also loved about Japan (Idk if you've noticed already) is I can take photos of shops and stores! Unlike in the Philippines, it's not allowed. For instagrammers like me, this is a bonus!

NY in Jap?

Temple in Asakusa

Thank you Jenesys 2.0 for the opportunity!
Japan for the lovely place
and friends for the fun!


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