Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Not so Asian

I'll be forever sorry for being MIA lately. No, erase that. I've always been missing. Lol

This outfit was taken ages ago I can't even remember what month did I wore this so I think before this post rusts, Imma post it.

Honestly, I don't have anything to say about this outfit since this is something below usual and zero fancy. Is it? This is so me minus the girly feels. Haha

Anyway, instead of talking nonsense about my outfit, Imma update you guys with my life recently. Please give me this excuse, this is a blog after all. Lol

So yeah, I've been busy to work lately because I work from morning until dawn. Yes, you've heard it right, DAWN! And admittedly, I can honestly pull off decent outfit shoots everyday if I can, but I just can't. I wore "blogworthy" outfits everyday to the office however, I'm too busy to do an outfit shoot and I have no photog. So whoever wants to take photos of me, raise your hands please. Lol

If you've been following my Instagram account (@chamtanteras), you can really have a daily update of my life. Actually, it's been more than six months since I decided to grow my bangs. Yeah so this post proves how "ancient" this outfit post was. Tune in for more updates!

Crop top: Handsewn
Skirt: Greenhills
Shoes: Solemate


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