Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Browhaus Experience

I was never a fan of facial hair removal due to overhearing negative feedbacks and painful hear-says regarding its process. Not until Browhaus Manila emailed me to try their services. As a blogger, of course I was glad upon receiving the invitation however later on, I've realized I'll be exposing my facial skin again to unbearable pain.

I was not that excited upon entering Browhaus however, as Monique (the manager and owner of Browhaus) convinced and made sure tat everything will surely work fine and smooth, painless as possible.

Initially, I was in doubt. But when she explained that their therapists and workers (or they sometimes label them, brow architects) CAN'T EVEN TOUCH a customer without undergoing a two-month training about painless hair removal internationally! Wow that's an instant boost of confidence and assurance for customers like me!

Another reason I love about Browhaus is they don't just thread your brows and poof! It's done. Every customer undergoes a brow assessment so every customer perfectly matches the shape of their face after the threading.

For mine, instead of threading, they lemme try eyelash perming (since I have my bangs and the brow threading would be useless). My lashes has always been my problem since it NEVER curls everytime I use an eyelash curler so this service is perfect for me.

I was really satisfied with the results and hoped everyone that dreams for a good brow and lashes, Browhaus is a must-try!
Visit Browhaus in Abreeza third floor!


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