Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Photos by: Janica Pamaong

Much away with overrated colors, let's get back to the classical B&W where my hair indeed standout *laughs
This blogpost will prove to you how old these photos were by my outfit inspiration: Twilight Series

As far as I've remembered, the second part of the last book of the saga was shown in cinemas a couple of months ago already, November to be exact.
And this outfit was worn during that month joining the Twilight trend.

Forgive me if you don't but I'm always been a fan of this book. It's apparently fictional yet can be realistic and that's my kind of books I wanna read a lot and get hooked to.

Alice, (Ashley Greene) one of my favorite characters who has the most sense of fashion among all of them showed inspirations like mini dresses like this paired with stilletos or pumps with stockings.

Isn't it cute? I wished I was also able to pull-off the bed weather in Forks and bring them to my country too so I could wear these kind of clothing as much as want without looking stupid.

Clothes: Thrifted
Pumps: Forever 21
Beanie: Robinsons Dept

See you around next Washday!

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