Monday, June 24, 2013

Animalistic Side

Photos by: Ralz San Pedro

Not being scientific nor contradicting any belief, do you really think we came from animals? Perhaps, I believe we just acquire animal features, which, admit it or not, may lead to a conclusion that we all have an animalistic side.

One certain Philosopher indeed gathered a few evidences that somehow proved that we are all animals in any sense. The moment we started thinking, we are on our way to being human.

Forgive me for being swayed philosophically. Perhaps I just enjoy the feeling of being imperfect at some point.

Without any distractions, unto my look! So, how did you like my new hair? To those who asked, I am NEVER returning to my blonde again without a number of reasons I simply wanna be NORMAL again and saying goodbye to head-turning-dilemmas-while-walking-in-the-street. Haha!
This was what I wore on my last visit in a zoo on a promo ad shoot for a newly-opened restaurant. Ate Juy, my schoolmate in highschool asked me if I could be one of their promo ad models for their upcoming resto and of course, who am I to say no?

I toned down a bit and decided to exhibit my new skater skirt from Be Dazzled! I loved how skaters work for everyone. Aside from the comfort it provides, it also turns your waist almost 10 times thinner! The fact that it is pulled from the waist and flares out over the hips one won't surely miss! Plus look how perfect the setting managed to go well with my outfit. Talk about hitting two birds in one stone, eh?

Turtleneck knit top: from Mom
Skater skirt: Be Dazzled
Sandals: Celine

Thank you ate Juy for the opportunity and Bap for the skirt!

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