Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Jack & Jill

Much away with all the sleepless, homeless nights apparently evident in these photos, I can say, I can still feel the aftermath of my junior life.

You may not notice it, but for some people who already know my life, you will see how I dressed up and looked differently here. These photos were taken at almost five in the afternoon and for everyone’s information, I just woke up and rushed to school.

Zero tolerance to aesthetics. My hair isn’t curled, no makeup on and totally underdressed! Well for my own perspective.

Imagine this outfit without the pop of the neon pink suspender belt? Everything would be dull and boring, exactly how I felt that moment.

Top & Bottom: Thrifted
Suspender belt: Gmall
Bag: Tommy Hillfiger

See you around next Washday!

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