Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sexy in full color

Photos by: Vikki Amorio

Taking up Mass Communication in Ateneo, third year is the most crucial year so far, as what everybody’s reminding and as what I kept on apologizing here in this blog.

It somehow gave me a glimpse of reality from chasing deadlines, endless write shops, research, expert interviews (police, government agencies, community, crime scene, families, politicians) to photo shoots, video shoots, video editing, performing, producing and events management. Name them, Masscom have them!

Now do I sound like a talking brochure? I bet I don’t, that’s how exhausting yet fun my course can be. Fun entails that no matter how weary things may fuck up, I will always be loyal since I know I enjoy what I do. Because one can never survive out of anything no matter how hard or easy it can be as long as his heart is never into it.

Besides my Journ hell adventure, there is this subject I would like to share to you that requires us (girls) to wear shorter skirts, killer heels I’m talking to the 5-inch minimum requirement, and luscious red lippies. Yes this subject is preparing us for our practicum.

This was the first event we need to organize and for the first time in history, our teacher approved all the four concepts. So what else we must do? Merge everything into one.

Sexy + Vegas + Colorful + Sleepover = Poof! Sexy in full color!
I had to make sure I showed some skin, pull out naughty games and a fun fun party all for the sake of our prelim grade!

So here it is, the “wholesome” Cham, ironically speaking.
Btw, I made this top months ago already and bought this bandage skirt for Php100 just that morning! Mehehe

Top: Handsewn
Skirt: Thrifted
Heel-less shoes: Akemi

The entrance :)

They looked like evacuees. Haha sleepover part!


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