Thursday, July 12, 2012

Streets of Spring

Photos by: Gab Cadena

Another summer class outfit. Again, I am really sorry for the super late posts. My drafts are piling up! I promise to stay updated as soon as my laptop is in my arms already. Right now, he's going under operation :(

Most probably you're wondering how the hell again I've entered the gates of Ateneo with this revealing attire? I wore this during the last day of our summer class and when I say summer class, I think you already knew what I mean; less strict dress codes. So I decided to wore this while I still can.

I just love this dress because of the lace details that matched the floral print of its skirt. However as a contrary, this dress is not wearable especially for school. Unless you can handle mischievous stares with the people around the campus, then go. But thank God for my long and curly hair for the instant cover up!

Dress: July
Flats: Solemate


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